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We all have milestones in both our personal and professional lives. SKA members will always remember the first time they finished in the money or took first place in an event. A 50- or 60-pounder caught in a tournament won’t soon be forgotten. And earning the title of National Champion or Angler of the Year will not only cement your place in angling history, but also give you lifetime bragging rights.

Any of these accomplishments can land you a spot on the cover of SKA’s Angler magazine, which leads to a personal milestone of my own: May 2011 marks my 100th issue as your magazine director.

Many of you have tenure with the SKA much longer than mine, but 100 issues seemed a good time to take a look back and honor the past then to look forward to the future of your magazine.

When I interviewed for this job back in 2002, Jack Holmes related how he and Deona would paste up the magazine the old fashioned way with galley set text and darkroom-shot halftones on boards using wax and border tape. Jack and I are kindred spirits—I grew up in my dad’s print shop doing paste-up the same way.

Everything changes. Since the late 90s, Angler has been produced entirely on Apple computers. The software has changed over the years, but the days of paste-up are long gone. Some say print will be dead in the near future, but not for SKA's magazine. Jack regularly talks with you and most prefer the print edition rather than going to an e-published magazine. I sincerely hope that remains true. While I love computers and the Internet, my heart is still in print.

From time to time you will notice a “Web Extra” icon in Angler. This means that there is additional content on the SKA website. For this article, you can go to to view not only these 100 covers, but every cover of Angler magazine since 1991. At the end of this article is a QR code that, if you have an iPad or similar device and a QR Reader app, will take you to the Web Extras web page. We will add online content throughout the year.

For the last 100 issues, and before, writers Gary Caputi, Terry Lacoss, and John Minetola have kept us informed of the latest news, fishing techniques and marine electronics. Guest writers have offered instruction on tackle, environmental issues and the affect public policy can have on your sport. We welcome your ideas for Angler and encourage you to submit manuscripts about your experience on the water, advice for new members, interesting fish stories and letters to the editor.

As I look over these covers, I see many familiar faces. Some are no longer with us and will be greatly missed. Some were just kids and now fish their own boats. Many are still fishing the SKA tournament trails seeking that next milestone fish. I hope to see you on the cover in the very near future!

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