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BOB AND SUSAN WOITHE | Inducted April 2011
Probably the most decorated husband and wife team ever to fish our sport. Bob now has a third generation grandson fishing on the team now. They are the best! Lives on Florida's west coast and fishes tournaments in Division 6 & 11 and the Pros.

Maybe the best husband and wife team in the country. Always keeps the SKA in the forefront of their fishing efforts. Perfect role models. Have always finished on top or near the top in North Carolina divisions.

STUART BALLARD | Inducted April 2011
Stuart not only is a superb fisherperson but also supports the SKA and what we represent thru his Tailwalker Marine dealership. Produces one of the best events on the circuit and supports our junior angler program. Stuart lives in South Carolina.

TERRY GRANTHAM | Inducted April 2011
Terry is a charter member of the SKA and is considered to be the dean of our sport. He has always represented our sport in the best possible light and is highly respected for the competition he brings to the arena. He calls South Carolina home.

KEN MURRAY | Inducted April 2011
Top angler, tournament director, and charter member. Ken has always been an avid participant and supporter of our sport. Highly respected in his Georgia community and among his peers.

CLAYTON KIRBY | Inducted April 2011
Probably the most recognized name in our sport. Clayton is a two time Angler of the Year and has probably won more events than any other person in our sport. Clayton is still capable of winning any event he enters. Still fishing the Pros and many, many local Florida events.

HARRY THOMAS | Inducted April 2011
Harry is a legend on the west coast of Florida, and is a tremendous supporter of our sport. Harry will always take the time to help you with your fishing endeavors. He is a master of our sport. Fishes locally in Florida plus fishes the Pro Tour.

FORREST TAYLOR | Inducted April 2011
No single person has been a greater ambassador to our sport than this man. A past National Champion, he continues to prove he's still one of the top captains to beat in any event he enters. North Carolina is home, but he fishes everywhere.

RANDY KEYS | Inducted April 2011
Randy is a past National Champion, still fishing locally and on the Pro Tour. He continues to be involved in fishery issues and teaching his son the art of tournament fishing. He has always been a great ambassador for our sport.

LARRY FOWLER | Inducted July 2008

Larry Fowler passed away on June 10th after a long bout with cancer.

Larry was a giant in our sport, both behind the helm of his Heather Renee Hydra Sports, and in front of the participants of his Frantic Atlantic Tournaments he did for many years out of his Blue Marlin bar in Little River, South Carolina.

Larry was my friend as he was to so many of the competitors who fish SKA. He never asked for respect, he earned it. You could also say he was an SKA founding father because he was one I could always turn to for advice. Did we argue and fight, you bet. Some were hum-dingers. But it was good because it made both of us stronger.

Remember those Frantic Atlantic bid Calcutta's? They would start on Tuesday night at the Blue Marlin where Larry would auction off half the field in the tournament. If you didn't want your boat someone else would bid it up. But if you did, it usually ended up costing you a lot of money. Some fetched over a grand. Half the money went to charity, the other half to the winners. On Wednesday night he'd do the other half of the field. Large crowds gathered and it was a hoot. We never missed it.

His tournaments were the benchmark for others to follow. He was a visionary, always ready to be innovative.

Two things set Larry apart his credibility and his loyalty. When Larry told you something you could take it to the bank. His loyalty to our sport was impeccable. Throughout the 90s Larry fished a Hydra Sports and they, in turn, supported his events. As boats got larger Larry stuck with the same brand even when the product needed tweaking. By staying loyal all those years, when FLW came along, Larry was finally rewarded, not only representing Hydra Sports but Chevy Trucks as well. He earned it and got it! He called me when it happened and told we what he was doing. I was truly happy for him and told him so. You see, his loyalty to the brand meant more to me than him moving to the FLW.

Larry had been ill for the past couple of years. Still, the first part of January I got a call from Jim Ladner, Larry's fishing buddy. He told me Larry really wanted to fish the Pro Tour this year with us and I said yes. Larry, Earl "Radar" Blake, and Ladner showed up in Key West for the Pro opener. It was rough and you could tell Larry was not well, but out they went and their grit and determination was that of true winners. It was the last event Larry fished.

Larry leaves a wife and young daughter. He adored both. He was also the owner of the HD Spokes Motorcycle bar in North Myrtle Beach, which he built after selling the Blue Marlin.

Larry will be enshrined into the SKA's Hall of Fame and the remainder of the Yamaha Professional Kingfish Tour will be dedicated to his honor.
We'll miss you Larry, Rest In Peace.

RICK SMITH | Inducted March 2008

Two-time National Champion and the '96 Angler of the Year. A true professional who still competes and finds time to bring his wife and kid on the water in local events in Georgia.

JACK WOOD | Inducted February 2008

Jack Wood, a charter member of the association from North Carolina, joins a short list of inductees into the SKA's Hall of Fame. His accomplishments include a National Championship title in '93 and again in 2000 plus numerous big event wins. Rick Smith is the only other two time National Champion. It is believed however, that most will praise Jack for his conservation efforts and his ability to teach others the art of king mackerel fishing. Remember conservation was never on the front burner in North Carolina in the early days of our sport, but there was Jack, in the forefront preaching that if we want to have healthy stocks, we had to stop killing so many fish. Soon Carolina events went to one fish per event, aggregates and fish bowls going away. His preaching for menhaden reform did not go unnoticed. Gentleman Jack is still a young man with many years of bending a rod left. It is believed that he still has a few more titles under his belt. He currently fishes with Dan and Ken Upton on the Team Donzi boat. They had a great shot at the "Angler of the Year" title last year but fell just short of their goal. It could happen this year! Congratulations Jack.

GINGER SHOOK | Inducted January 2008

Our first female to be nominated for and subsequently inducted into the Hall of Fame. Ginger was the Top Lady Angler of the Year from the west coast in both '98 and '99. She was also instrumental in her husband Steve's winning of the Angler of the Year in '98. She was also an occasional team-mate on the SKA's first all female team, Donna Gowen's Contendress. Ginger had to give up fishing a few years ago due to a serious illness however she hopes to return to the sport soon. Her husband Steve now fishes with David Heavenridge on the Top Gun.

MARCUS KENNEDY | Inducted December 2007

Marcus pioneered king mackerel fishing in the upper Gulf and has won more events in his area than any other fisher person fishing there today. His influence and techniques are the standard by which most fish are caught. A true family man!

JOE BRUCE | Inducted October 2007

Joe Bruce could very well be classified as the elder statesman of the SKA. Joe has accomplished many goals in our sport including winning the prestigious "Angler of the Year" title in 1982. It is saltwater fishing's most coveted title. In '03 Joe was part of Paul Massey's team who captured the same title. Joe has also won Senior Angler titles in the Association and has many, many tournament wins.

JERRY DILSAVER | Inducted July 2007

Noted journalist and fisherman. Jerry was the 2001 Class of 23 National Champion however while we believe he has great fishing prowess it's Jerry's other attributes that should get him into the Hall of Fame. He has promoted the sport of king fishing throughout the country. He was also instrumental in writing the original set of angling rules we still use today in the SKA

KEN "CAPTAIN CAMO" THOMPSON | Inducted June 2007

Ken suffered a massive coronary and passed away while fishing with team Donzi on the first day of the 2007 Yamaha Professional Kingfish Tour in Fourchon, Louisiana. Ken will be remembered for his demeanor with fellow fisher people. He never met a person he didn't like and everyone liked him. He successfully brought the SKA to Savannah, producing great events. Ken was a part of the Donzi factory team on the Mercury Saltwater Team. Camo was 52 years old. We will honor his spirit and his zest for living!

DAN UPTON | Inducted June 2007

Dan is a pioneer in this sport. He has won numerous events including being part of the 2000 National Championship team with Jack Wood. Dan has been instrumental in shaping the course of the SKA over the years. His tenure at Donzi Boats includes his roll as team manager. His leadership has kept the brand at the forefront of the sport.

GLENN SLAUGHTER | Inducted June 2007

Glenn is in his element when the whole family is fishing. Three generations now, with the fourth generation to join the team shortly. A person one easily refers to as a real "southern gentleman." His fishing ability and earned respect speaks for itself.

STAN JARUSINSKI | Inducted May 2007

Several people have recommended Stan to the Hall of Fame. Not only is he a National Champion, but also his endeavors off the battlefield gained him access to this list . He and the fishing club he founded are responsible for thousands of dollars raised to support underprivileged children. Add to that his on going efforts to keep Bogue Inlet dredged and launch ramp facilities built. He is also a great SKA advocate.

DAVE WORKMAN JR. | Inducted April 2007

Three-time Angler of the Year. Always promoting the SKA and the sport. Dave has also designed many of the products used on today's circuit including the KingBuster lure. Founder of the KingBuster 400 tournament in St. Augustine.

AL MORRIS SR. | Inducted March 2007

Most credit the son, Al, as the guru of fishing in the northern part of the Carolinas, but we know that it is Senior who keeps the team and family together. A great fisherman but a better human being. You can't find anyone who doesn't have the utmost respect for this gentleman. A must for the Hall of Fame!

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