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Division: 7Port Fourchon, LA
18th Annual Kajun Sportsman King Classic
June 12-14, 2014

Hot King’s 55.99 Takes First Win in Division 7’s Fourchon Event!

By Kevin Foley

Fourchon, Louisiana — ''I'm new to kingfish tournaments," said Shawn Ryan as he approached the SKA registration desk. "What do I need to do to join the SKA?” I, of course, fixed him up with the paperwork.

The Yamaha powered Contender team then went out on day one amid stormy weather and very rough conditions. The weather forecast was once again not even close.

"We were fishing a little over 40 miles from the ports pass," said a very excited Shawn Ryan. "The fight only lasted five minutes but when she felt the sting of the gaff we knew we had an exceptional king mackerel."

They were the first team back to the scale, happy to be in, but happier when the scale settled on 55.99. "That's a great fish and we have to thank Bennie Goldman who lent us the tackle to fish the event. Don't know if he'll do that again."

The team scaled a 44.42 on day two.

The Goldman's Reelentless team came in right behind Hot King. “I’m ecstatic that they caught such a nice fish. I'm sure they're hooked on king tournaments now," Bennie exclaimed. He went on to tell me that the team was 35 miles from the pass as the scale settled on 45.15. "Not too bad," said the Yamaha powered Contender captain. "We're in the hunt for Division 7 title."

Jeremy caught the fish around ten o'clock using a hardtail. "It was just an average fight," he told me.

The team could not better their weight on day two, scaling a 42.44 but did have a sailfish on and caught a Cobia.

Fred Watkin's Get Layed team, last years Division 7 winner, came in third to the dock. "We were only 25 miles from the pass where we found a 50-plus the day before," Fred told me. "We caught 20 this size, but the big ones were gone. It was really rough. Most of the teams stuck together like Neil Foster who was with us all day for safety reasons. It was fishable but just not fun."

"On day two we went back to the same area and the seas had settled down to almost nothing," Fred added. "We're worn out, lots and lots of fish but nothing bigger than the 40.16 Robert caught."

"The wind was strong enough to blow the tops off the waves," explained Marcus Kennedy, captain of the Kwazar when the team came to the dock on day one. "We still made a sixty mile run and it paid off. Tyler caught a 50.15 at two o'clock. Like everyone else we used hardtails." Kwazar ended up in second place. They only fished day one.

Donnie Jackson and his Sea Cruiser team fishing a Contender had a 36 on day one but bettered that number on day two with the third place 49.52. The team had their fingers crossed when the king was hoisted on the scale. She settled at 49.52.

Neil Foster's Intense team caught and scaled a 46.62 in the first days slop. When asked how bad was it he informed me they were slow trolling. “I was in the back of the boat when I looked to the bow to see this huge wave coming. I hollered to hang on. It washed right over the boat picking up a bucket in the bow, washing it right out the back."

They didn't better their weight on day two but did scale the largest cobia in the event, a 25.56.

Strike Two, a Mercury powered Onslow Bay, with Rob Lupola at the helm, caught two nice kings on day two, a 44.49 and a 43 bettering their 38 scaled on day one. "It was nice today," referring to day two, "the difference between night and day over Saturday."

This was the 18th year the Kajun Sportsman event started the Division 7 season. All of the participants were treated to a great buffet dinner at the Kajun Sportsman Truck Stop.


Open Class

55.991. HOT KING
Contender / Yamaha
Shawn Ryan
Hunter Ryan
Brittany Ryan
50.152. KWAZAR
Yellowfin / Yamaha
Marcus Kennedy
Max Williams
Tyler Kennedy
Robert Young
Mike Ward
Brett Rutledge
Contender / Yamaha
Don Jackson Sr.
Donny Jackson Jr.
Russell Webb
Jordan Caronia
Russell Frazier
46.624. INTENSE
Contender / Yamaha
Neal Foster
Josh Collier
Mark Collier
Contender / Yamaha
Bennie Goldman
Jeremy Goldman
Pam Goldman
John Wallington
44.496. STRIKE TWO
Onslow Bay / Mercury
Rob Lupola
Bobby Schoenfield
Jeff Hall
Ray Martinez
37.907. GET LAYED
Contender / Yamaha
Fred Watkins
William Todd Gardner
Robert Ost
Jeff Smith

Top Lady Anglers
55.991. Brittany Ryan
55.992. Trisha Ryan

Top Senior Angler
50.15Max Williams

Top Cobia
25.561. INTENSE

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