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Division: 3 James Island, South Carolina James Island Yacht Club KMT Jul 25-26, 2014

James Island Kicks Off Division 3

By Patrick Farrell

James Island, SC — The tunes we’re flowin’ and the barbecue was smokin’ at the James Island Yacht Club’s King Mackerel Tournament and Division 3 opener. A one-day event, the tournament attracted almost 100 boats from the area - many of whom were SKA members. When the scales finally closed at the end of the day, if was all SKA finishing 1-2-3 in the standings. Although the fishing was a little tough and the seas weren’t very forgiving, we managed to place 1-2-3 when the scales closed for the day. 

Taking the top spot in the tournament was long time SKA member and respected fisherman, Capt. Robert Olsen on the Yamaha-powered Contender Knot @ Work. Robert, along with son Andrew and teammates Shannon and Leia Elias and Raymondy Stivender, headed out at around 7am to 100ft of water to start the day. “It was very slow and rough out there. We managed to catch one over 25lbs then headed in for better luck. It’s either ‘zero or hero’ for us,” said Robert about the first spot. The team headed in to a well-known spot about 10 miles off of Charleston to 50ft of water and had almost immediate success. “We got there around 1:40pm and by 1:50pm we got the fish on a bluerunner. Leia, our Lady Angler, made pretty short work of her and I stuck the gaff. Not much of a fight,” Robert said of the fish. Along with Leia, Andrew Olsen and Raymond Stivender picked up Junior and Senior Angler awards, respectively. When asked whether or not he’ll be attending Nationals Robert said, “We’re planning that now – yes we’ll be there.” Knot @ Work would like to thank The Charleston Angler, Z-Man Lures, and Pure Fishing for their support. Congratulations team and see you at Nationals!

Taking the second spot was Capt. Keith Powell aboard Low Country Native with a solid 34.20 pounder. Keith, along with Billy Powell, Jason Hogg, and Scott Jennings ran their Yamaha-powered Cobia about 4 miles out into the shipping channel “like a bunch of old men,” Keith laughingly quipped. Around 10:45am, the 34-pounder hit their menhaden-rigged line and the fight was on, albeit quickly. “Jason fought her for about 5-7 minutes until Keith gaffed it with Billy on the wheel,” Keith said of the fight. Other than the one king, Keith said that was the only action of the day. However, they knew they had a good fish in the boat until they saw someone at the scales early. “We thought we were in good shape until we say Robert Olsen. If he comes in early you know he has a good fish,” said Keith. And he was right! Keith wanted to mention how much fun and competitive Division 3 is. “This group of guys are extremely competitive anglers, but at the same time everyone’s very friendly. It’s a great time”. Keith would like to that the James Island Yacht Club for putting the event on. See you at Nationals, Keith! Well done.

Capt. Jack Bracewell picked up the third spot, as the Yamaha-powered Contender Erin’s Addiction landed a 31.40lb king. However, it wasn’t easy for Jack and the gang. Jack, along with Erin Bracewell and Randy Wirth headed out at 5:30am to a “sloppy  ocean,” as Jack recalls. “We only went about halfway to where we wanted to go,” Jack said of the day. “We got bait in Stono Inlet and went to about 30 feet of water, with no luck. Then we went offshore to 70 feet for a couple hours, again with no luck. Then we ran 26 miles north to about 90 feet of water, and we still had no action until about 2:00pm and that was the one fish we weighed.” Well if you’re going to catch one, it might as well be a keeper! Jack would like to thank Contender Yamaha, Wet Sounds Ameritrail Trailers, and Rigid Industries for their support. Jack and the gang are also seriously considering making the trek to Nationals. We hope to see you there!

Goin Coastal took the top Small Boat prize with a 21.2 pounder. Capt. Grant Powell along with Jimmy Mccants headed out about 30 miles south of Charleston to around 60 feet of water to start the day, but the action was pretty light. “It was pretty slow in the morning, but picked up around later in the afternoon. We caught one small king in the morning and released it, then the winning fish came around 1:30,” Said Grant of the day.” Jimmy was on the line for around a 15 minute fight and Grant finally stuck the gaff after missing initially. Some other sharks and Amberjack were also caught by the team. Good job guys! The team wanted to thank James Island Yacht Club for hosting the event.

Overall, the Division 3 opener was a fantastic event. And the barbecue! I would expect nothing less from a South Carolina tournament. I will join in and also thank the James Island Yacht Club for being such gracious hosts. If this is any indication of how the SKA events will compete throughout the season, Division 3 is shaping up to be an exciting one. We’ll be watching this one closely. See you on the trail!

James Island Yacht Club King Mackerel Tournament

Open Class

37.301. KNOT@WORK
Contender / Yamaha
Robert Olson
Shannon Elias
Andrew Olson
Leia Elias
Raymond Stivender
Cobia / Yamaha
Keith Powell
Billy Powell
Jason Hogg
Scott Jennings
Contender / Yamaha
Jack Bracewell
Randy Wirth
Eren Bracewell
29.804. PART TIME
Contender / Yamaha
Clay Gallup
Derrick Blanton
29.405. El Zarpe

Onslow Bay / Suzuki
Bryan Baxter
26.557. Miller Time
Contender / Yamaha
Allen Richy
Scott Flanders
Mike Atkins
Miller Richy
Austin Flanders
Yellowfin / Yamaha
Stuart Ballard
Brent Ballard
Mark Ballard
Jaime Altman
24.1010. Blu By U!

Top Lady Anglers
37.301. Leia Elias

Top Junior Angler
37.30Andrew Olson

SKA Top Junior Anglers
37.301. Andrew Olson
26.102. Miller Riche, Austin Flanders
22.903. Bryson Smoak

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