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Division: 6 Sarasota, Florida NBOA GULF COAST OPEN May 16-May 17, 2014

Native Scores at NBOA Gulf Coast Open

By Patrick Farrell

Sarasota, Florida – The 4th annual NBOA Gulf Coast Open/Big Pig Shootout proved to be another success as Mark Henderson and family won the high-stakes Big Pig Shootout with a 82.24 pound two-fish aggregate, while team Native captured first prize at the GCO with great fish, 46.56lb. Native is powered by Mercury while Yamaha powers Liquid Fire.

Teams had a great day on the water for the Big Pig Shootout. “The Big Pig Shootout is more of a high-stakes event for the serious angler,” says Jim Butler, tournament director. “These guys are willing to go out in any weather and ride anywhere so we wanted it to make a challenge for them.” Thirteen large vessels participated in the one-day event.  

On Saturday, Jerry Solovskoy tells how he began the trip. “Friday night after the captains meeting the Native team made a decision based on the weather and the no check-out format that we would run the intracoastal waterway north to Port Tarpon Springs,” he says. “This decision turned out to be the right one for the Native as we arrived at 6:25 am to our spot.”

He goes on to say to stay even though the seas were rough, it didn’t take long for the team to nail the big one early. “The Native team had just deployed a bait on a downrigger set at 80’ when our first fish of the day hit at 6:36 am. I grabbed the rod and the battle began. As the fish made its first run, we knew she was a good fish. Cawley Snibbe chased the fish down as Kevin Farner prepared for the gaff shot. At 6:43 am our 46-pound king hit the deck and right into our E-sea- rider fish bag.” The Native team runs a Mercury powered Fountain. Sponsors include E-Sea-Rider bean bags, Mercury Outboards, Ricks Reef Restaurant, Bluewater Candy Lures, J&J Transport Services, and JDS Construction Services. The Native boys also took second place in the Big Pig Shootout the following days. Great job, Guys!

It also should be noted that Arik Bergerman’s Under Armor Fishing Team placed third in both events. Nice job Arik and Team!

Susan Woithe picked up the Top Lady Angler, while Robbie Woithe and Conner Weldon finished the Junior anger out at third and fourth, respectively.

Overall the weekend was a huge success and we hope to see you all next year!

Open Class

46.921. NATIVE
Fountain / Mercury
Jerry Solovskoy
Jeff Silverthorne
Cawley Snibbe
Kevin Farner
Danny Condron
Intrepid / Yamaha
Mark Henderson
Josh Henderson
Crockett Henderson
Yellowfin / Mercury
Arik Bergerman
Joe Medolla
Chris Blackwell
R.W. Keys
Perry Warner
Contender / Yamaha
Steve Papen
Corey Alley
Dave Bayes
Doug Speeler
Brian Simmons
Eric Danowski
28.885. Anchors Away
Yellowfin / Mercury
Jim Brazeale
Aaron Selvant
Hale Wilson
20.957. THE REEL WON
Yellowfin / Yamaha
Robert Woithe
Susan Woithe
Robert Woithe
Rob Woithe
Fountain / Mercury
Chad Bixler

Top Lady Anglers
20.951. Susan Woithe

Top Senior Angler
20.95Robert Woithe

Top Junior Angler
20.95Rob Woithe

SKA Top Junior Anglers
20.951. Robbie Woithe

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