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Division: 9 Carolina Beach, NC EAST COAST GOT-EM-ON CLASSIC July 11-13, 2014

Part Time Wins the East Coast Got Em On Classic!

By Christine Rodenbaugh

Carolina Beach, NC — More than half of the 162 boats fishing the either/or format of the 2014 East Coast Got Em On Classic were SKA boats. And the leaderboards showed it—28 of the top 34 Open Class boats and 15 of the top 20 Small Boats were SKA members. The event raises funds to benefit the Got Em On Live Bait Club, Carolina Beach Fire Department, and Kure Beach Fire Department.

Part Time started off the day catching bait off Yaupon Pier and decided to head to the Christmas Rock in their Yamaha powered Contender. “We got the same call 25 other boats did!” said Captain Bruce Gallup. Fishing was slow at first for Bruce, Mark, and Fisher Gallup. At 10:00 a pretty good fish bit, but they couldn’t get her in the boat. The next fish was only ten pounds, so they released it. Undaunted, the team put the baits back out and the 48.75 struck a single pogy rig on top at about 11:30. Jared experienced a shorter than expected fight of only five or ten minutes to get her within Mark’s gaffing range. That fish put Part Time on top of the leaderboard and earned the team a great payday.

Two regular teammates were not on the All In boat at the Got Em On. Clay Gallup was out of town on a scheduled mission trip and Derek Blanton missed the event because of a church obligation. I’m sure they were missed, but it’s great to see SKA members engaged in philanthropic endeavors on and off the water. Part Time appreciates the support of Tailwalker Marine, Carolina Mosquito Control, Three Rivers Landscape & Maintenance, and Carolina Temperature Control. 

The All In team of Kenneth Strickland, Roy Strickland, James Hammonds, and Greg Apple chose their fishing spot in a somewhat random way. Ken wanted to go to Christmas Rock, but the team flipped a dip can and he lost the toss, so they headed to a spot nine miles southwest of Frying Pan Tower. That game of chance put them in the path of the second place fish. It was a beautiful flat calm day fishing in about 90 feet of water, but amberjacks were taking all their live bait. It was time to try a new strategy. All In deployed a dead cigar minnow on a pink jighead set at 43 feet on the downrigger. The 45.73 hit at about 11:30, but they thought she was a wahoo. She made one long run and in about ten minutes they got the boat on top of her, she circled two or three minutes, and Greg got a gaff in it. “For once it went like it was supposed to,” Ken said. “Once we caught the king we left and went to the scales.”

All In fishes a Cape Horn powered by Yamaha and thanks Bluewater Candy Lures.

Third place went to Bay Pirate, a Yamaha powered Yellowfin captained by William Hughes. He and his team of Joshua and Patti Hughes, plus Brad Conway started out catching bait near the Ocean Crest Pier then headed offshore to a spot in about 90 feet of water. They caught a couple of nice cobia, but the water was a bit warm for kings so they moved to an area of hard bottom with cooler water. The first king didn’t strike until almost 3:30 in the afternoon. After a long run of nearly 200 yards it was a short fight to bring in the 36.25-pounder. Josh gaffed her and the team headed for the scales.

Wee Doggie/Simrad started the day looking for bait off Kure Beach in their Yamaha powered Fountain. They didn’t get what they needed, so Joey Crisp Jr, Andy McInnis, Whitney Crisp, and Jamie Crisp ended up at the lighthouse off Oak Island and loaded up with turbos on just two throws. Baitwells full, the team ran to a spot on the east side in 85 feet of water. They hooked up to a teenager right away and, almost back-to-back, a nice fish stripped the bait from a line in the prop wash. After that miss, it was two hours before the long line screamed off. Andy picked up the rod and got her to the boat after a 20-minute fight. Joey was ready with the gaff and they pulled the 31.05 onto the deck. Wee Doggie took sixth place.

Eris Jones and his team of Craig Drye and Dennis Hall are two for two in Division 9 with first place titles at Jolly Mon and Got Em On. When asked where he caught the fish he replied, “Right there in the corner of his mouth.” Eris pointed the Back Lash, a 20’ Hydrasports powered by Yamaha, to the same spot they caught the other tournament winner two weeks earlier in 100 feet of water out from Carolina Beach. 

About 12:30, the 38.30 hit a single pogy on the county line. (Eris had to explain to me that means it was way far back.) Craig Drye picked up the rod and had no clue what he was in for. The team had only caught a bunch of sharks and two or three remora all day. They saw the fish within the first five minutes and knew she was a good one, so when the fish kept going to the bottom as soon as they got her close to the boat, they had little hope of bringing in a whole fish. “Our hearts were pounding because we knew something would eat it,” Eris remarked. “It took about an hour to get the fish in the boat!” The pressure is on to see if the Back Lash can make it a three-peat in Wilmington at the SHARE King Mackerel Event July 18-20.

A tip of the SKA hat to Donna Gurganus and her crew for making the Got Em On event so much fun to fish and benefit fine organizations at the same time.

East Coast Got Em On

Open Class

48.751. PART TIME
Contender / Yamaha
Bruce Gallup Jr
Mark Gallup
Fisher Gallup
45.702. ALL IN
Cape Horn / Yamaha
Kenneth Strickland
Roy Strickland
James Hammonds
Greg Apple
36.253. BAY PIRATE
Yellowfin / Yamaha
William Hughes
Joshua Hughes
Patti Hughes
Brad Conway
33.854. SEA P.A. / OIFC
Cape Horn / Yamaha
Ken Ritch
Matthew Ritch
Fountain / Yamaha
Joey Crisp Jr.
Andy McInnis
Whitney Crisp
Jamie Crisp
26.206. TEAM OIFC
Yellowfin / Yamaha
Brant McMullan
Barrett McMullan
Amy McMullan
Caroline McMullan
Brayden McMullan
26.057. HOT ROD
Contender / Yamaha
Brett Barnes
Alan Barnes
Yellowfin / Yamaha
Neill Newton
Marshall Newton
Haydon Ellis
Travis Ketchie
25.159. WILD RIDE
Fountain / Mercury
Randy Griffin
Ayden Griffin
Shayna Griffin
Ted Connor
Yellowfin / Mercury
Scott Smith
Keith Logan
Kelly Fisher

Small Boat Class

38.301. BACK-LASH
Hydra Sports / Yamaha
Eris Jones
Craig Drye
Dennis Hall
Cape Horn / Yamaha
Brent Gainey
Randy Gainey
Ryan Wiggins
Jason McDowell
26.103. REEL BUZZ
Contender / Yamaha
Chip Nifong
Brian Schoenwiesner
Morgan Lawson
Lynn Fox

Top Lady Anglers
36.251. Patti Hughes

Top Senior Angler
45.70Roy Strickland

Top Junior Angler
48.75Fisher Gallup

SKA Top Junior Anglers
48.751. Fisher Gallup
31.052. Whitney Crisp
26.203. Caroline & Brayden McMullan

Mercury Marine Junior Angler Scholarship Winner
Ayden Griffin

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