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Division: 9 Wilmington, NC S.H.A.R.E. King Mackerel Tournament July 18-20, 2014

SHARE Victory Falls to Intracoastal Angler Team

By Sam White

Wilmington, NC — It’s always refreshing to see a tournament that does well, both for the participating anglers and for the charity that it represents. That was the case in mid-July with the SHARE King Mackerel Tournament held out of Dockside Marina in Wrightsville Beach, NC. Now in its fourth season and first year as an SKA-sanctioned tournament, the SHARE event produced a fleet of 103 boats thanks in part to a good weather forecast (with a captain’s choice “fish one day of two” format) and a super-fun time for the anglers in attendance.

In tournament fishing the weather can weigh as heavily any other factor when it comes to affecting the turnout, and it proved to be no exception this time around. Eastern North Carolina in the summertime can be very unpredictable—flat calm one day and gale-force winds the next. Day One of the SHARE was a little sporty offshore, with 33 boats electing to fish in the reported four- to six-foot seas. When the scales at Dockside Marina closed, a non-member team on the was leading the event with a 33.36-pound king mackerel. The bar had been set for the second and final day of fishing.

The good news was a vast overnight improvement in the weather. The remaining 70 boats in the tournament fleet raced offshore the next morning in near slick-calm seas, spreading out far and wide throughout the tournament’s boundaries from Little River, South Carolina to Cape Lookout up the coast to the northeast. But as in many tournaments, winning fish can come from anywhere. Jackson David, teaming up to fish a Yamaha-powered 35-foot Contender this year with 2011 SKA Angler of the Year Stacy Wester, elected to fish a spot roughly 30 miles southeast of Masonboro Inlet in 85 feet of water on the Intracoastal Angler. “There had been some nice-sized fish caught there in the past several days leading up to the tournament,” he reported, “and we just had a good feeling about it.” The water looked good so the duo went to work deploying a full spread of pogies they had cast-netted fresh that morning and it wasn’t long before they had a nice bite on the downrigger. A short while later their prize came to gaff and was soon residing in a well-used fishbag in the Contender’s forward hold, secure for the short ride home. At the scales it weighed 37.4 pounds and would be enough to give Jackson David his first victory as a captain. And to the victor go the spoils—in this case the tournament’s guaranteed $10,000 first place check. The team thanked Intracoastal Angler Saltwater Outfitters, Contender, Yamaha and Shimano for their assistance, and will be representing the SHARE tournament at the SKA National Championship later this season.

In second place is another veteran team, Brant McMullan’s Team OIFC. Tournament kingfishing has long been a family affair with the McMullans, who are the first three-time SKA National Champions in the history of the organization. This year Brant and his brother Barrett fished with Brant’s wife Amy and the team’s junior anglers, nine-year old Caroline and four-year old Brayden. The team is campaigning a new 32-foot Yellowfin powered by twin 300hp Yamahas, which made quick work of the run out to 100 feet of water off Ocean Isle Beach. They departed Shallotte Inlet at first light with full livewells, choosing to rely on an early start and pogies they had netted and penned up the afternoon before the tournament. Their 37.14-pound king mackerel nailed a medium top line bait for angler Barrett McMullen and was strong enough to land Team OIFC in the tournament’s runner-up spot. They credited Ocean Isle Fishing Center, Yellowfin, Yamaha and Ameritrail with their success in the event and will be returning to the SKA National Championship in search of a fourth title in 2014.

It must have been disappointing to watch their first-place kingfish drop to third but the non-SKA team on still held on for a top three finish with their 33.36-pounder from Day One. Chris Nealon, Jeremy Padgett and Michael Clark teamed up on the Yamaha-powered Privateer Wild Wing Café to land in fourth with a 33.12-pound kingfish, while the Mr. Goodhands/OIFC team of Toby, Grayson and Andy Russ, Jeff McDonald and Dur Thomas rounded out the top five with a 32.48-pounder for Yamaha and Century Boats.  

In the small-boat class the Clearly Hooked emerged victorious. Austin Eubank’s team of John Theodorakis and Margaret Pennstrom left out of Carolina Beach Inlet to an early offshore bite but came back in to fish a spot inshore of the 30/30 in 70 feet of water where they picked up their 36.08-pound fish. “We caught some fish early so we came back in to that spot and found a bait ball right away,” Eubank said. “He hit a pogy on the long line around 11:30.” Theodorakis made short work of the fish after a long initial run and soon the team knew they would be heading for the scales at Wrightsville Beach later that day. The Clearly Hooked is a Yamaha-powered 23-foot Contender. 

Finishing second in the class was the Team Bluewater Candy/Knot Right on their Yamaha-powered Onslow Bay. Jodie Gay, Scott Pelletier, Kent Raynor and Tim Parker teamed up to weigh a 35.18-pounder on Day Two. The Edens family—Randall, George, Cole and Riggs—along with Chris Gaddy, put the East Coast Sports boat in third with a 33.72-pound king mackerel, making it a two-three finish for Onslow Bay boats.  The Top Lady Angler was Team OIFC’s Amy McMullan, Top Seniors were Jodie Gay and Tim Parker from Bluewater Candy/Knot Right and the Top Juniors were Caroline and Brayden McMullan on Team OIFC.

Tournament Chair Briana Kelly reported that the event raised over $17,000 for the charity, who works to help the less fortunate throughout eastern North Carolina (see sidebar). The tournament also produced a very strong leaderboard with 11 kings over 30 pounds weighed in and just over a quarter of a pound separating first and second places. It’s competitive king mackerel fishing at its best, Carolina style. 

S.H.A.R.E. King Mackerel Tournament

Open Class

Contender / Yamaha
Jackson David
Stacey Wester
37.142. OIFC
Yellowfin / Yamaha
Brant McMullan
Barrett McMullan
Caroline McMullan
Brayden McMullan
Amy McMullan
Privateer / Yamaha
Chris Nealon
Jeremy Padgett
Michael Clark
Century / Yamaha
Toby Russ
Jeff McDonald
Dur Thomas
Grayson Russ
Andy Russ
Sea Hunt / Yamaha
Ashley Widenhouse
Gary Widenhouse
Keaton Widenhouse
Blake Widenhouse
Bryan Russell
Cape Horn / Suzuki
Michael Miller
Casey Miller
Taylor Miller
Fountain / Yamaha
Joey Crisp
Andy McInnis
Jon Toney
28.669. Wide Open Fishing
27.0810. C-ARK
Kevin Petty
Duane Smith

Small Boat Class

Contender / Yamaha
Austin Eubank
John Theodorakis
Margaret Pennstrom
Onslow Bay / Yamaha
Jodie Gay
Scott Pelletier
Kent Raynor
Tim Parker
Onslow Bay / Yamaha
Randall Edens
George Edens
Cole Edens
Riggs Edens
Chris Gaddy

Top Lady Anglers
37.141. Amy McMullan

Top Senior Angler
35.18Jodie Gay & Tim Parker

Top Junior Angler
37.14Caroline McMullan & Brayden McMullan

SKA Top Junior Anglers
37.141. Caroline McMullan & Brayden McMullan
33.722. Cole Edens & Riggs Edens
32.483. Grayson Russ

Mercury Marine Junior Angler Scholarship Winner
Ayden Griffin

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