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Division: 10 Hypoluxo, FL X GENERATION 440 KDW CHALLENGE Sept. 12-13, 2014

Spiced Rum III Wins the X Generation 440 KDW Challenge

By Erin Henshaw

Hypoluxo, FL— It was a slow fishing day. Anxiously waiting around on the dock, we were all checking our “sources” to see which team thought they had the biggest fish. We heard rumors of a 36 pound king, a 33 pound king… only time would tell. Slowly, the boats started to trickle in one at a time as the rain began to fall. As the clock crept closer and closer to the cut-off time, a few more boats made their way back—only about half of the boats coming back to weigh-in.

Spiced Rum III, captained by Bill Wummer, already won Division 8 was looking to end Division 10 on a high note. They set out that morning in their Yamaha powered Contender, attempting to get away from the rest of the pack. Bill is no stranger to the Southern Kingfish Association. Having fished the trail for the last 13 plus years, he knows that the key to success is having a good crew. “We started fishing at 6:30 am off Juno Ledge. We fished for about two hours before we got the fish on.” Around noon, they had heard from a couple of teams that there were some kings in the high 20s in the area, however Reel Anarchy said that they caught a nice one up north. In an effort to move away from a few of the teams, they left and went to the Loran tower in Hobe Sound. “Around 1pm the fish ate a Blue Runner on the surface, and Freddie Joseph grabbed the rod,” Bill, explained. “It was a good fighting kingfish, but Freddie did a great job on the rod. We got very lucky because the fish was hooked in the tail and came in backwards. As I was getting ready to gaff it, Freddie yelled to get it quick since there was a huge Barracuda behind it. I stuck it as quick as possible and brought it over the gunnel right before it got bit,” Bill told me. Bill sent Real Anarchy a text back that said the Spiced Rum III team had a nice one. It was very close at weigh-in with Reel Anarchy just ahead of Spiced Rum III in line. “Theirs was 33 pounds and we were so excited at that point because we thought ours was over 34!” Bill exclaimed. As it turns out, Spiced Rum III had a 35.40 that won them the tournament.  

Reel Anarchy was among the first to weigh a kingfish. They knew when they went out that morning they were going to head north. After procuring some bait from Gary Case Jr. and Sr. over at Dynamite Live Bait, the foursome ran north in the slightly sloppy, windy morning. Gill Strelec, Reel Anarchy’s co-captain, suggested running to 8A Reel off of Cape Canaveral. Gill’s brother-in-law, Keith, had passed away a few years ago, and he had been Gill and his son Chase’s biggest fan. Keith had lived up in that area, and with his picture on board, Gill felt that Keith was going to help guide them to the big fish! They put their speedo in using a flat long line about 70 feet. Around 8:15am, Ryan Lee, with the gaffing assistance of Captain Floyd Miller, pulled in a 33.10 pound kingfish that helped clinch a second place win in the tournament and a Division 10 win. The team initially thought they hooked a barracuda, since it hadn’t made an extremely long run. This was Gill’s third time winning Division 10, but the first time with Reel Anarchy. Reel Anarchy would like to thank their sponsors Gill Media, Reel Extreme Trailers, Birdsall Marine Design, Poseidon Rods, C&H Lures, Red eye Lures, Liberty Ranch, and Engel Coolers.

One of our last teams to weigh a kingfish was Ron Mitchell’s Bandit. Ron heard that Spiced Rum III was having some success up near Jupiter, and they headed that way. Although they caught a couple of bull sharks and amberjack, they were on the hunt for a slob! It was a pretty slow day for them with only a couple of bites. At high noon, the line went tight. Mike McCabe was on the rod. With the help of his gaffer, they were able to claim thirdfourth place with a 25.10 kingfish. Bandit would like to thank their sponsors Sea Hunter, Suzuki, Raymarine, Wet Sounds, and Rigid Industries.

Lance Irvine of Young Guns was out with his crew on hunt for a good king to finish out Division 10 strong. While the king was quite elusive that day, they didn’t go back to the weigh-in empty handed. With only an hour left before they had to return to the dock and only a small kingfish in hand, Lance decided to throw up a kite to see if the wahoo were biting. It only takes one good fish, and they knew they got a good one when Doug Perez pulled in a 57.90 pound wahoo, the largest fish of the tournament winning the grand prize as well as $2,000. “We’re really happy to finish up the year like that,” said Lance. “It was just a great day.” Young Guns fish on a 39’ Contender with triple Mercury Motors. In fact, Lance custom designed and created a Mercury Marine “fish sock” to place on the big fish that they catch to represent their sponsor.

This tournament helped benefit the “Friends of the 400 Scholarship Fund Inc.” which gives financial aid to students who are dependents and descendants of an individual who has been injured or killed in the workplace and received benefits from Florida Workers Compensation.  Founded in 1991, the fun has awarded nearly $1.4 million in scholarships to deserving students.

On a personal note, it has been an absolute thrill getting to know the families and teams that comprise Division 10. They have been hugely supportive of us as the “new” SKA, and extremely kind to me. I look forward to watching their juniors grow up and become the next generation of the Southern Kingfish Association!



Open Class

Contender / Yamaha
Bill Wummer
Sherri Beswick
Freddie Joseph
Contender / Yamaha
Floyd Miller
Gill Strelec Jr.
Harold Evans
Ryan Lee
28.803. Sea Star
25.104. BANDIT
Sea Hunter / Suzuki
Ron Mitchell
Mike MCCabe
Matthew Bradshaw
Justin Mcteer
Travis Cliett
Clayton Stokes
Contender / Mercury
Leon Wilcox

Top Lady Anglers
35.401. Sherri Beswick

Top Junior Angler

SKA Top Junior Anglers
20.101. Hunter Irvine
15.802. Jett Perry, Chase Perry, and Morgan Domeyer

Mercury Marine Junior Angler Scholarship Winner
Hunter Irvine

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