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Division: 7 Orange Beach, AL 4th ANNUAL ORANGE BEACH KAJUN KING TOUR August 22-23, 2014

Team Intense Battles Heat and Sharks to Take the Kajun Sportsman Title

By Christine Rodenbaugh

Orange Beach, Alabama — Once again Mother Nature only got it half right in the Upper Gulf. The ocean was slick calm, but the heat was oppressive. Still, the bite was on for most of the teams who fished the 4th Annual Orange Beach Kajun King Tour in Alabama. Neal Foster and his crew on Intense—Mark and Josh Collier, Doug Mallonee, and Jason Hebert—fished the same spot both days about 60 miles from the pass and had no trouble finding kings. They just had to maneuver around umpteen sharks, the smallest of which was about 250 pounds. A 15’ tiger shark came right up to their 39’ Yamaha powered Contender.

Intense caught their first place 48.50 the last thing on Saturday after all the other boats had headed back to port. They were pulling hardtails on top in 130’ of water when the fish hit the longline. The seasoned team made short work of the fight, put the fish on ice, and headed to the weigh-in running 70 mph. 

Trying to better their score, they headed to the same spot on Sunday. They caught three fish over 45 pounds and a dozen more over 40, but the 48.50 remained on top of the leaderboard. The Intense team appreciates the support of their sponsors: Contender, Yamaha, Accurate, Rigid Industries LED lighting, Ken's Car Tunes, Salt Water Mafia, Cannon, Garmin, Tackle This Shoot That, OceanTamer Marine Bean Bags, Ameratrail, and

Clint and Kristin Zavros are a husband and wife team who fish a 36’ Yellowfin powered by Yamaha named Crisis. They had no trouble finding kings at their spot about 110 miles from the weigh-in site, but were plagued by sharks as well. Their 44.35 second place fish hit a hardtail in the prop wash about lunchtime. “It was a pretty standard fight,” Clint said. All in all they caught nearly 20 kings, most in the mid-30s. 

Marcus Kennedy and his Kwazar team of Mike Ward, Brett Rutledge, Max Williams, Tyler Kennedy, and Scott Byrd found a good bite about 40 miles south of Dauphin Island in 130 of water. It’s a big area of natural bottom with a couple of oil rigs. “That’s where the kings have been for the last two months,” Marcus explained. “Just a school of big fish.” Not only were kings biting but also red snapper, amberjacks, and barracuda. “It was a good day of fishing. We ran out of bait before lunch and had to go get more,” Marcus related.

Sharks were frequent visitors to Kwazar’s baits, too. “We got a king over 50 pounds, but a shark took the tail so we couldn’t weigh it,” lamented Marcus. “I think there have been more sharks this season than I have ever seen. Big ones! Like a bull shark that must have gone 220 pounds. We caught 40 to 50 kings on Saturday and lost four or five to sharks then had another four or five mutilated.”

“My son, Tyler, caught the third place fish,” Marcus declared. “We had three on at the same time and were up in the front of the boat trying to get two smaller ones off. Brett gaffed it for Tyler.” The 42.85 hit dead Spanish mackerel on the short flat line in the prop wash about 10:00 in the morning. “Sometimes if you put something different out, you’ll get them to bite.” Marcus told me. “Every now and then a big fish hits it.” Kwazar thanks their sponsors Yamaha, Yellowfin, and Simrad.

Thanks to Anthony Toups for hosting this event. Kajuns know how to eat, drink, fish, and put on a great tournament. The Sportsman Marina at Orange Beach is fine venue and the staff and volunteers made us all feel welcome. SKA hats off to Division 7 competitors and all the hosts for a great Upper Gulf season!


Open Class

48.501. INTENSE
Contender / Yamaha
Neal Foster
Mark Collier
Josh Collier
Doug Mallonee
Jason Hebert
44.352. CRISIS
Yellowfin / Yamaha
Clint Zavros
Kristin Zavros
42.853. KWAZAR
Ameracat / Yamaha
Marcus Kennedy
Mike Ward
Brett Rutledge
Max Williams
Tyler Kennedy
Scott Byrd
38.344. GET LAYED
Contender / Yamaha
Fred Watkins Jr.
Butch Smith
Todd Gardner
Jeffery Smith
Susan Smith
Robert Ost
33.595. HOOKED UP
Century / Yamaha
Jeff Fletcher
Ed Shelton
Doug Kormondy
Brian Meister
Contender / Yamaha
Don Jackson Sr.
Donnie Jackson Jr.
Joe Zada
Contender / Yamaha
Brad Driskell
Charles Mclemore
Todd Ely
Contender / Yamaha
Mark Sislak
Matt Sislak
Savannah Sislak
Onslow Bay / Mercury
Troy Boots
Tanner Boots
Kelli Boots
Brett Boots

SKA Top Junior Anglers
25.951. Savannah Sislak
24.702. Brett Boots

Mercury Marine Junior Angler Scholarship Winner
Brett Boots

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