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Premium Ad Space 1x 3x 6x
Inside Front Cover $2,399 $2,199 $2,099
Inside Back Cover $2,299 $2,099 $1,999
Outside Back Cover $2,499 $2,399 $2,299
Two-page Spread $3,199 $2,999 $2,899
Standard Ad Space 1x 3x 6x
Full Page $1,449 $1,299 $1,199
Column Page $1,299 $1,199 $1,099
1/2 page $949 $849 $749
1/4 page $449 $349 $299


Angler Advertisement Specifications

Ad Size (width x height in inches)
Non-Bleed with Bleed Trim
Full page 9 x 11 10.5 x 12.5 10 x 12
2-page Spread 19 x 11 20.5 x 12.5 20 x 12
1/2 Page Hor. 9 x 5.375
1/2 Page Vert. 4.375 x 11
1/4 Page Sq. 4.375 x 5.375

Angler Advertisement Deadlines

Issue Insertion Order Due Ad Materials Due
January November 26 December 1
February January 2 January 10
March February 1 February 10
April March 1 March 10
May April 1 April 10
June May 1 May 10
July June 1 June 10
August July 1 July 10
September August 1 August 10
October September 1 September 10
November October 1 October 10
(No December Issue)
If the 1st or 10th falls on a Saturday or Sunday, then the due date will be the following Monday.

Interior Web offset, #40 gloss, 4-color, 150 line screen
Cover #50 gloss, 4-color, 150 line screen

Electronic File Requirements

  1. Email as an attachment or ask for a link to upload to DropBox.
  2. Preferred format is a distilled PDF at actual size. Do not include color bars, slugs, trim marks, or registration marks.
  3. Digital files are required.
  4. Please follow the guidelines below.
    • Send a properly sized print-ready ad, no changes necessary.
    • Do not include color bars, slugs, trim marks, or registration marks.
    • Images should be 300 DPI, scaled at 100% and CMYK (process) color or grayscale. If scaled differently, SKA is not responsible for quality of output.
    • All images and EPS (vector) format files used must be embedded.
    • All fonts (including printer and screen fonts) must be properly embedded.
    • Word, WordPerfect or other text-based formats will not be accepted as final digital artwork. Microsoft Publisher (PUB) files are not acceptable. PICT, GIF, PPT, and WMF file formats are not supported.
  5. Adobe Illustrator: Convert text to outlines. Import images into Illustrator as 300 DPI and CMYK.
  6. Adobe Photoshop: Flatten file. File must be CMYK, 300 DPI and should not exceed 40MB. PDF or JPG.
  7. It is critical for materials to arrive on or before the deadline date indicated.
Email ads to:
SKA will respond with a confirmation email within two business days. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please call Erin at 1-800-852-6262 or email

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