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Please choose the right category for your ad.

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You will be charged 25¢ per character for every character above 250. When we receive a request for additional characters we will email/fax you a credit card authorization form to fill out and fax back. Be sure to include the make, model, size and price where applicable. Include a contact phone number and/or email address in the ad body or it will not be able to be posted/printed.

Don't forget to mail your photographs to


    1. You must be a current SKA member in good standing.
    2. We do not accept phone calls regarding Classified Ads.
    3. We can only post classifieds that are received from our submission form or via fax. (FAX#:904-819-0331)
    4. Any Photos for your ad must be emailed to:
    5. Attach your pictures to the email. If more than three photo are sent, the webmaster will choose which three will be used and all others will be discarded - Name your picture file the PHONE NUMBER you listed in your ad and put the same number in the subject of the email. This will help us place the photo correctly. The phone number in the ad is used to 'find' your ad to place the photo, make changes to your ad, or to delete the ad when your item sells.
    6. When your item sells please use the removal form to notify us. Or, you can FAX us with "Cancel Classified" as the subject. Be sure to reference your phone number in the fax.
    7. If you need to modify your ad please use the removal/modification form.
    8. Ads that are submitted in ALL CAPITAL letters will be converted to sentence case.
    9. Members in good standing may place an ad up to 250 characters plus one photo. Additional characters are 25¢ each.
    10. SKA Classified advertising is for individuals only. Current SKA members may advertise their boat, motor, or vehicle for no charge. Dealers who want to list items for sale in SKA classifieds may contact Deona at 904.819.0360 or for rates.

Email Pictures Any Photos for your ad must be emailed to:
The SKA reserves the right to purge classified ads at any time.

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