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Nov 25 05:11pm EDT Final Standings


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Ed Mecchella takes his second Nationals title with a 38.52 and a 57.63 for a two fish aggregate of 96.15!

Edens Takes Title with a 43.62 and a 46.85!

Nov 22 10:11am EDT Order Championship Merchandise!


Nov 22 04:11am EDT Airborne Leads on Day 1!


Despite sea conditions, Airborne leads Day 1 with a 44.14. Click here!

Nov 21 06:11am EDT Change in Format Due to Weather


The format for the SKA National Championship has always been a two-fish aggregate over two days of fishing, one fish each day. 2008 is different. Click the headline to read more.

The American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund will receive $4,680 due to the giving nature of the fishing fraternity. Click here.


Nov 20 04:11pm EDT View the Nationals Photo Gallery!


Check back daily for new photos! Click here!

Nov 20 04:11am EDT Six Boats Win Free Gas!


The Isle of Capri and Budweiser not only threw a great party at the Lava Bar, but also held a drawing for six $100 certificates for gas at Gorenflo’s! Click headline to read more.

Barry Matthews chalks up back-to-back SKA BlackJack tournaments in Biloxi taking both the 2007 and 2008 top prizes! Can Richard Stone match his luck with back-to-back National Championship Titles? Only time will tell. Click the headline to read more.

Nov 19 03:11am EDT Weather Inhibits Pre-fishing


Tuesday at the Nationals is usually a day to catch bait and to check out prime spots for smokers that may be holding there. This year, snotty weather kept many boats at the docks. Click the headline to read more.

Nov 17 11:11pm EDT SKA Staff Prepares Site


The SKA Staff arrived in Biloxi late Sunday afternoon. Click the headline above to read more.

Oct 15 12:10pm EDT Nationals Prize Update

by Katie Petrinec

Reggie Fountain has just announced that he has changed the top prize in the Open Class in the 2008 SKA National Championship.  Instead of the 23’ boat, he has upped the prize to a 31’ Fountain.  THANK YOU MR. FOUNTAIN!

fly airtran!