Tournament Information

Entry Fees

$425 per boat cash, check or credit card
To qualify for SKA’s 2014 Mercury Tournament Trail National Championship, all crew members on your National Team must be 2014 SKA Competition Members and have fished a minimum of two sanctioned tournaments in 2014 as Competition Members. No exceptions!

2014 National Championship Registration Deadline is Friday, October 17th

For those qualifying, you must submit a completed registration form along with payment ($425) by any of the following methods:

Fax: 941-360-6888
Mail: Southern Kingfish Association
          Attn: Nationals Registration
          4404 North Tamiami Trail
          Sarasota, FL 34234

Download 2014 National Championship Registration Form Here

••• NOTICE •••
Tournament fees will not be collected at the Nationals except Division 1. This Division has a late event, however those qualifiers must call SKA at 1-800-852-6262 to let us know you are coming.

All tournament forms must be completely filled out and returned to the SKA office on or before October 17, 2014, however to avoid phone calls to let us know your intentions, we’d appreciate you sending in your forms when you get them or at least give us a call. It will truly save us a lot of time.
We Appreciate Your Consideration!!!

Note to Divisional Winners
Divisional winners need to return your entry form immediately! Please just mark it “divisional winner.” Your entry fee will be taken care of. However, you must still come to registration and pick up your Captain’s Bag and Boat Number.

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Important Notes:
*Only Division 1 Entry Fees may be paid at Nationals. If you are in Division 1 and plan on attending Nationals, please submit Registration Form without payment so we can place you on the tentative attendee list.
*All Credit Card Charges for Nationals will be subject to a 2% Service Charge
*Please do not call to register. We are not accepting registration requests over the phone.


$100 Big Fish Pays 50%, 30%, 20%
$100 Aggregate Pays 50%, 30%, 20%
$100 Daily Big Fish $50 per day goes into pot
Pays 60%, 40% per day
$100 Winner Take All (aggregate)

You will receive a 1099 on TWTs. You are responsible for all taxes on the winnings. TWT money may be included in your registration check if it is received at the SKA office on or before October 14th.

Yes, you can sign up for TWTs at the SKA trailer (Cash Only!).

Plan to win!

If you are the winner of either the Contender boat, Mercury motor, and Loadmaster trailer package be prepared to take the boat home with you or make arrangements to have it transported. Bring the phone number of your insurance agent. When SKA presents the prize to you at the awards ceremony Sunday morning, from that point on, the boat is yours. NBOA Insurance will be on site.

Remember, everyone on your boat at Nationals must have fished two SKA sanctioned tournaments as a competition member during the 2013 season!


Many of the SKA sponsors attend this event with one purpose in mind - to meet you and your team. Most are here to showcase to you the latest and greatest in their product line and learn about what you want. Quite a few of our sponsors support the trail in addition to Divisional events. Please take a moment and get to know them and thank them for their support and contributions. You will have plenty of opportunities to speak with them from the pool party to the meet and greet.

This event is planned and executed for your enjoyment. After all, you've reached a milestone in your fishing career. The object is to crown a National Champion in both the Open Class and Small Boat Class. We certainly hope your team is victorious, however, please don’t lose sight of the fact that you’re in Biloxi to have a great time and catch big fish. Friendships you’ll make among the best king mackerel fishermen in the country already certify you a winner. We wish you good luck, good times, and tight lines. If we can do anything to make your trip to the Nationals more enjoyable please don’t hesitate to give us a call.


Open Class Payout

Based on 100 boats
1 $10,000 22' Contender, 250 Mercury Outboard Motor, Rigging, Loadmaster Trailer $90,000
2 $10,000 Certificate for 200XL Mercury Motor + Prop $27,310
3 $8,000 Raymarine Package, Cannon Downrigger $12,500
4 $7,500 Raymarine Package $11,500
5 $5,500 Raymarine Package $9,500
6 $4,000 Raymarine Package, Cannon Downrigger $8,500
7 $3,500 Cannon Downrigger, Garmin VHF, GPS Map 741, Navionics Card $5,850
8 $3,500 Garmin GPS Map 741 $4,900
9 $3,000 Cannon Downrigger, Garmin VHF, VIRB $4,150
10 $2,500 Cannon Downrigger, Garmin VIRB, Navionics Gift Card $3,600
11 $1,500 Cannon Downrigger, Garmin VIRB, Navionics Gift Card $2,600
12 $1,000 Cannon Downrigger, Garmin VIRB, Navionics Gift Card, Fish Bag $1,850
13 Cannon Downrigger, Garmin VHF $750

Small Boat Class

Based on 30 boats
1 $20,000 Onslow Bay Credit, Certificate for 250XL Mercury Motor + Prop, Garmin 741, $4,000 Loadmaster Trailer Certificate, Cannon Downrigger $56,350
2 $6,000 Certificate for 200XL Mercury Motor + Prop, Cannon Downrigger, Fish Bag, Garmin VIRB $24,360
3 $5,000 Garmin GPS, Raymarine Package, Cannon Downrigger $11,500
4 $2,500 Raymarine Package, Cannon Downrigger, Garmin VIRB $7,400
5 $2,000 Garmin 741, Cannon Downrigger, Garmin VHF, Fish Bag $150 $4,300

Please note, prize distribution is subject to change. Payouts are based on 100 Open Class and 30 Small Boats.

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