Championship Week in Biloxi!

(by invitation only)

Biloxi, Mississippi


This is a very busy week in Biloxi! For this year only, we are opening up the National Championship to every SKA Team that has fished two or more 2014 SKA Sanctioned events as SKA Competition Members. Our efforts to celebrate the continuation of this Association, and to share our official plans for next year call for one big party - and that is why every active member of the SKA should be able to attend.


Sparing no expense and furnishing every desire, you will agree that the Golden Nugget Biloxi hotel is the standard for luxury and comfort.

"The Mississippi Gulf Coast and the Golden Nugget are proud to once again be the host site for the Southern Kingfish Association Nationals Championships. We've had a great relationship with the organization over the years and are looking forward to working with the new group at NBOA to make this one of the best Nationals Championships. We have an incredible fishery and look forward to everyone coming back to Biloxi." Bobby Carter

This event has been planned for your enjoyment. We hope that this experience gets you pumped up to compete to qualify for Nationals next year.

Although we hope your team is victorious, keep in mind that you are here in Biloxi to have a great time, catch big fish, create new relationships and enjoy old ones!

We with you the best of luck, great times, and tight lines. If we can do anything to make your trip to Nationals more enjoyable, please give us a call!

Prizes and Payouts will be updated regularly, as well as Schedule details, so please reference this site for an updated calendar of events in the upcoming weeks. (Updates will also be posted on Facebook)

Nationals and the preceding Mercury Professional Invitational Event will be hosted by the newly remodeled Golden Nugget Casino.

Very important dates and accommodation information are on these pages. Look at the very top of the page and click on Tournament Info and General Info.

Monday, November 3

Location: Ship Island B&C
RSVP to Mercury SKA Professional Invitational event must be received no later than October 17, 2014.
(Invitations to Mercury Professional Event will be announced and sent by September 2nd. If you wish to be included in this event and have not yet received an invitation, please contact Ben Wells, SKA C.O.O., at

$1,000 entry fee
$40,000 Payout (based on 30 boats)

Contingency Prizes:
$2,500 for 1st Place Team if powered by Mercury
$2,500 for 1st Place Team if won on a Contender boat
$2,500 for 1st Place Team if won on an Intrepid boat

*You may also register for the National Championship at this time

7:30pm – Mercury Professional Invitational Event Captains Meeting & 2015 Mercury Professional Series Announcements
Location: Rush Lounge
Review rules for the Invitational Event and hear first-hand plans for the 2015 Mercury Professional Tour. Food, Music and Drinks compliments of Mercury Motors, so stick around to speak with PRO Tour sponsors and SKA staff!

Tuesday, November 4

6:30am – Checkout for Mercury Pro Invitational Event
Hard Rock Casino Sea Wall
VHF Channel 72.

12-5:00pm – SKA Trailer and Vendor Booths Open
Location: Point Cadet Marina

4-5:30pm – Mercury Pro Invitational Weigh-in...Remember it is dark at 5pm.
Two-fish aggregate weight
Location: Point Cadet Marina, located adjacent to the Golden Nugget Casino

4-5:30pm (CST) – Live Webcast

Ocean Springs, LA

Complimentary Shuttle Service will be provided TO Ocean Springs. Shuttles depart at 8:00pm outside of the Golden Nugget Casino main entrance. Taxi companies will be readily available for the 10 minute ride home.

Wednesday, November 5

PRO Invitational Weather Day
(In case tournament is postponed due to weather. Same schedule for Check-out/Weigh-in applies)

12-3pm–Early Registration for Mercury Tournament Trail National Championship
Location: Ship Island B&C
Avoid the rush and pick up your Captain’s Bag and boat number today.

1-3pm–Contender Boats Demos
Location: Point Cadet Marina

12-5:00pm–SKA Trailer and Vendor Booths Open
Location: Point Cadet Marina

7pm–PRO Invitational Awards Ceremony
Location: H2O Pool and Bar

7:00-10pm–Contender Boat Owners Party
Location: H2O Pool and Bar, VIP Cabana

7:30-10pm–Golden Nugget/Gorenflo’s Gas Giveaway Raffle and SKA Championship Raffle
Location: H2O Pool and Bar

*Please note, Awards and Raffle times may change if weather day is implemented for Pro Event.

Golden Nugget and Gorenflo’s is teaming up to give away SIX HUNDRED GALLONS OF GAS!!! Each drawing is worth 100 gallons; there will be a total of six drawings. SKA’s Raffle supports the Recreational Fishing Alliance (a wonderful cause). Tickets will be sold out of SKA Trailer and SKA Headquarters (Ship Island B&C) Tuesday and Wednesday. For all Raffle prizes and Gas giveaways, you must be present to win. You’ll have two minutes to claim your prize, or else we’ll have to move on to the next lucky winner!

Thursday, November 6

10am–6:00pm–2013 Mercury Tournament Trail National Championship Mandatory Registration and Number Pick-up
Location: Ship Island B&C
It is imperative you pick up your Captain’s bag and Tournament Number by 6:00pm. You must be in line no later than 6:00pm.

12-5:00pm–SKA Trailer and Vendor Booths Open
Location: Point Cadet Marina

4:30-6:00pm–SKA Partner Row & Tito’s Vodka Tasting Bar
Location: Grand Ballroom Foyer
Meet the SKA 2014 Partners first-hand. Take the opportunity to speak with our proud supporters of this year’s SKA Tournament Trail and enjoy a few cocktails compliments of Tito’s Vodka before the awards ceremony.

6:00pm–Dinner for All Participants and SKA Partners brought to us by the Golden Nugget Casino Hotel
Location: Grand Ballroom

6:30pm–SKA Awards Begin
(Partner Awards, Annual Divisional Awards, and Special Achievement Awards)

In addition to Partner Awards, there will be presentations of Special Awards including the Director’s Award, Lifetime Achievement Award, Dan Schaad Family Award, and the Sportsmanship Award.The winners of these awards are not published, so be sure to attend to support your fellow anglers (and just in case you are one of the winners)!

7:30pm–Captains Meeting

6:30-8:00pm (CST)–Live Webcast brought to you by Safeco Insurance!
Awards and the Captain’s Meeting will be live online! Be sure to tell friends and family back home to watch for you.

Friday, November 7

First Day of Fishing: Mercury Tournament Trail National Championship
6:30am – All Small Boat Class teams check out at Point Cadet Marina. VHF Channel 68.

After check-out make sure you change your VHF radio to VHF Channel 72 for the remainder of the day.

6:30am – Open Class teams check out at the west end of the Small Boat Harbor, (Hard Rock). VHF Channel 72.

After check-out make sure you keep your VHF radio on VHF Channel 72 for the remainder of the day. You may weigh one fish each day / two fish on Day 1 / or two fish on Day 2. Once you have weighed two fish, you’re finished. This is a Captain’s Choice event.

Remember, carefully release all the fish you do not intend to weigh. We will take the culled fish off your hands when you come in to weigh.

3:00pm– Scales Open at Point Cadet Marina
Between 3-4:00pm – Come right to the weigh-in dock. The dockmaster will call you into the dock when the dock is open on VHF Channel 72.
After 4:00pm – You must check in at the west end of the Small Boat Harbor then come to Point Cadet Marina. You must stay in a single file line! Please have your Boat Number Badge out before you pull up to the dock and your fish ready for a photo. Then go to the scales.

5:00pm– All boats must be checked in and in line to weigh!

12-5:00pm–SKA Trailer and Vendor Booths Open
Location: Point Cadet Marina

3-8pm (CST) – Live Webcast of Nationals Weigh-in brought to you by Safeco Insurance!
Every team must remove the fish that they are going to weigh from the fish bag and have a group photo taken before going to the scale!!!


While you are waiting in line, remove all hooks, get your Boat Number Badge out, and have your fish ready for a group photo when you pull up to weigh.

Saturday, November 8

Second & Final Day of Fishing: Mercury Tournament Trail National Championship
Everything is the same as on Friday.

Remember to bring your PLB or EPIRB.

Sunday, November 9

8:30am – 2014 SKA Mercury Tournament National Championship Awards Ceremony
Location: Ship Island Ballroom
Awards Ceremony will begin promptly at 8:30am.Continental Breakfast will be provided for awarded teams.

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