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Code of Conduct

OVERVIEW: Each person joining the SKA is expected to conduct her/himself in a manner that reflects the wholesomeness and image of the organization. While the tournaments are highly competitive in nature, good sportsmanship is and will be paramount at all times. Members are expected to be role models, as this is a family organization. At no time shall any boat captain or crew member make verbal or written contracts that effect the splitting or receiving a percentage of a tournament prize or purse and / or TWT monies with another team or boat entered into the same event or tournament trail itself. Failure to conform will result in the immediate forfeiture of all points for the season for all boats involved. Captains are responsible for the safety and conduct of their crew and/or team members during all aspects of an event. Subversive or damaging comments directed at the SKA and/or its Sponsors and members is strongly discouraged. This includes but is not limited to verbal and written communications. Any member putting the welfare of the general membership at risk with sponsors, or potential sponsors, will be expelled from the SKA immediately.

ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES AND / OR ILLEGAL DRUGS: The consumption of alcoholic beverages during tournaments is strongly discouraged by the management of the SKA. Anglers and members are expected to practice good sportsmanship and set good examples. Please keep in mind that this is a family fishing organization. Abuse of alcohol or illegal drugs will result in disqualification and/or expulsion from the organization at the discretion of SKA management. Members smoking or drinking during picture taking will not have their photos used in Angler magazine.

VHF RADIO USE: Members are asked to practice common sense when using the VHF radio. Inappropriate language, poor sportsmanship, and disrespectful or demeaning communication is strictly prohibited. Failure to comply with this guideline may result in expulsion from the organization, at the discretion of SKA management and/or the Board of Directors.

CONSERVATION: Each and every member is encouraged to practice and set examples of good conservation. Take only fish that you intend to weigh and release the rest unharmed to grow and reproduce. No SKA angler shall unnecessarily kill a King Mackerel during a tournament or while pre-fishing unless said fish is to be weighed or used as table fare. Abuse can result in disqualification from a sanctioned tournament and/or expulsion from the organization, at the discretion of the SKA management.

Rev. 1/15

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