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Sanctioned Tournament And SKA Produced Tournament Rules:


  1. Captain's Choice: It is up to the discretion of the participating captain to determine whether their craft is seaworthy for the existing conditions. The captain is responsible for the safety and conduct of their crew both on and off the ocean from the time the tournament begins (Registration) until it ends (Awards Ceremony). Captains are responsible for their crew’s and/or teammates’ actions at all time. Captains can only enlist (1) co-captain and (4) crew members for both sanctioned SKA tournaments and Mercury Pro Tour events. Sanctioned SKA events do allow for crew member changes from one tournament event to another, but Mercury Pro Tour crew members are assigned for the season. For any unforeseeable circumstance, for the Mercury Pro Tour only, the Captain must receive approval for member changes from a SKA Director of Operations.

  2. UNDERSTANDING THE RULES: It is the responsibility of all SKA members to familiarize themselves with all the rules and regulations of this association and sanctioned tournaments and to abide by the rules and regulations. Members also agree by joining the association, that all decisions of SKA management are final.

  3. Any King Mackerel caught and presented at a tournament scale for tournament participation must be fit for human consumption. Please ice your catch. The weighmaster, Tournament Director, or SKA management may disqualify any fish kept improperly after capture. The fish to be weighed must be presented to a SKA staff member prior to being weighed, and ready for photo presentation with all SKA members present. If a tournament does not collect your catch, you are responsible for disposing of the fish in an appropriate manner. All King Mackerel must be off loaded at the end of each fishing day. Any boat found possessing King Mackerel in weighable condition prior to any check-out will be subject to disqualification. Fish to be weighed in must be accompanied by a member of the boat’s crew, who will stay with the fish to verify the weight and sign the weigh ticket.

  4. In the event of identical weights, the first fish weighed in shall break the tie. In a two-day, two-fish aggregate event, the tie will be broken on the basis of the team’s largest fish of the two weighed in. In the event that the largest fish tie in weight, the winner will be determined by the first of the largest fish weighed in. No altering of a fish’s weight, in any way, is allowed i.e. stuffing the fish, chemical treatment, or injection of any substance, etc.

  5. Hooks must be removed from all fish prior to bringing fish to the scales. It is for the safety of the weighmaster and fish handlers.

  6. No boat shall make landfall, congregate with another boat, and/or pass anything between boats or land after checkout or before weigh-in each day. Any boat receiving assistance is disqualified for that day only. Any boat rendering assistance will not be disqualified but notifying the tournament committee, committee boat, or another tournament participant, is recommended. The boat rendering assistance must still make any time schedules and/or weigh-in hours. In the event of a no-checkout tournament, the above shall apply at the tournament’s designated time for lines in the water. After checkout (or once fishing hours have started in the case of a no-checkout tournament), no boats are to pass, throw, float, airlift or otherwise transfer ANY object (fishing or non-fishing item) to any other boat during tournament competition hours. This form of congregation is reserved for dire emergencies at sea, such as onboard fire, sinking or danger of sinking, medical emergencies, etc. as required by Maritime Law. If any team knowingly weighs or attempts to weigh a fish after receiving assistance from any other vessel, they will be disqualified from the SKA and/or disqualified by Tournament Officials upon protest from any other team or member.

  7. At tournaments, after Registration and/or Captains Meeting, if your registered vessel has a breakdown, you will be allowed to switch boats for the remainder of that event, providing you notify the Tournament Director and the SKA representative in attendance of your intention to switch boats, and providing that the sanctioning tournament allows such a substitution. Limit two breakdowns per season, per division, once you have entered an event. Remember that this is a team and machine contest. The ability to keep your boat in running order is equally important to your success. Exception: In the event your boat cannot be repaired because of circumstances beyond your control, you must get special approval from the SKA management to change boats for the remainder of the season or until the problem is resolved. You will be required to provide proof of the problem for verification.

  8. All boats are responsible for getting their fish to the weigh station under their own power and on the boat that caught the fish. Transferring fish to another boat for any reason will cause immediate disqualification and/or expulsion from the SKA. Fish must be turned in on the same day they are caught. SKA officials and/or tournament representatives reserve the right to inspect all boats entered in competition at any time.

  9. Anglers must safely secure their vessel at the dock when weighing in (must provide their own dock lines). SKA officials assume no responsibility for any damage incurred while securing vessel.

  10. Law enforcement officials may board tournament vessels without penalty to the team at any time during a tournament. However, receipt of a citation from any law enforcement official during tournament hours will cause that team to be disqualified from that day’s fishing only. All Captains should, at all times, keep boat registration, proof of insurance, and any other boat ownership information in a zip lock plastic bag in a safe dry place on the vessel.

  11. Participants in tournaments must have a working VHF radio and scan VHF channel 16 along with the tournament channel to keep abreast of any marine warnings or dangerous weather conditions. We encourage tournament participants to heed any weather warnings, as safety is paramount. It is mandatory that all vessels carry the prescribed Coast Guard approved flotation devices for all people on board, plus an approved EPIRB and/or PLB, and an approved fire extinguisher. Captains and crew members must abide by State and Local laws.

  12. Any member issuing a worthless check, stopping payment on a check, or credit card that does not clear, made out to a sanctioned tournament and/or SKA, will have points frozen until the matter is resolved.

  13. In an SKA sanctioned tournament, any tournament rule that is in conflict with an existing SKA rule, replaces the SKA rule for that event only. The King Mackerel size limit rule is the exception. SKA still will not accept any fish under ten (10) pounds for points, regardless of fork length, even though the tournament may accept it. Otherwise all other SKA rules, Angling Rules, Code of Conduct, Membership Rules, Tournament Rules, Mercury Tournament Trail Division Rules and Mercury Pro Tour Rules apply to all SKA members and must be strictly adhered to at all times.

  14. Captains and crew members are responsible for following and adhering to all local, state, and federal fishing and boating laws. No tournament fishing is allowed in foreign waters at any time. Tournaments have the right to set boundaries.

  15. All SKA members participating in a sanctioned event understand that the SKA does not get involved in tournament disputes. The SKA is a guest of the event and will act accordingly. All decisions made by sanctioned tournaments, their rules committees, and directors are final. If a member believes he/she has been slighted by an event, the member(s) should contact the SKA in writing, explaining the problem to SKA management. The matter will be taken under advisement. Our recourse for flagrant violations is cancellation of the SKA sanction for the following season(s). Members also agree to abide by any and all tournament rules and the decisions of the sanctioned tournament rules, committees and directors when joining the SKA.

  16. Payment of the entry fee into a sanctioned or SKA produced tournament constitutes a representation by each entrant that they have read and understood the tournament rules and will abide by such rules and the decisions of tournament committees and their directors plus SKA management.

  17. Any angler or captain being disqualified from a sanctioned or SKA produced tournament because of a rule violation, regardless of the severity of the violation, will not receive points for that day of the disqualification. If a member is disqualified from the entire tournament, the member will not receive any points gained during that event. Members are also subject to expulsion depending upon the severity of the violation. This disciplinary action is subject to the discretion of the management of SKA. Anyone expelled from the SKA will also forfeit any points already awarded prior to the infraction which caused the expulsion and will not be entitled to any refunds of membership or registration fees.

  18. Any team violating tournament rules, expelled or disqualified from an event, or attempts to initiate litigation, will not be allowed to fish any SKA sanctioned event! This includes Divisional and Pro Tour events. Tournament participants agree that by entering a tournament sanctioned or managed by the SKA, that all rulings and management decisions are final, within the time frame allowed by the SKA and/or the tournament, and tournament rules are not subject to any further interpretation and/or litigation. It is the responsibility of SKA to notify any and all tournaments of who these fishermen are each year.

  19. AT ALL SKA SANCTIONED OR SKA PRODUCED EVENTS, THE SKA AND/OR THE TOURNAMENT DIRECTORS EXERCISE THEIR RIGHT TO REFUSE ENTRY TO ANY PERSON OR PERSONS! The SKA and/or Tournament Director has the right to enforce any and all rules and their penalties without a formal written protest from other contestants.

  20. In the event of cancellation due to bad weather or any other reason, all efforts to reschedule will be made and the event will count as a divisional sanctioned tournament.

  21. Any tournament official, tournament sponsor, SKA executive and/or employee entering a tournament, in compliance with the tournament rules and SKA rules, is eligible for any and all prizes. Vendor partners and sponsors are eligible to participate in sanctioned SKA tournaments. Registration and local rules apply.

  22. Winners, or any anglers, may be requested to submit to and pass a polygraph test and/or sign an affidavit prior to being presented any prize. This must be done in a timely manner. Failure to submit to a polygraph test automatically revokes all claims to any prizes won. All members of any SKA team or tournament participants entering and participating in an SKA sanctioned or produced event agrees that all polygraph results are final and agree that the subject of the polygraph will not be challenged beyond the posting of the results.

  23. It is the official policy of the SKA to polygraph tournament winners as well as random tournament participants in the following tournaments: all Pro events, all SKA produced/sanctioned events and National Championship when deemed necessary or possibly as the result of any and all protests. Any participant in any SKA event, sanctioned or produced, who refuses to take the test will automatically lose his or her SKA membership. All members agree that the results of the test will be final and accepted by the participant(s).

  24. ANY AND ALL PROTESTS WILL BE ADDRESSED THROUGH THE TEAM CAPTAIN ONLY! In SKA sanctioned or SKA produced tournaments; all participants must follow the tournament rules concerning protests. The decisions of the tournament director(s) and tournament rules committee are final. Should the tournament director or rules committee elect to disqualify a team or fish, the SKA will uphold their ruling without question or hesitation. Based upon the circumstances and severity of the disqualification, SKA management may, at their discretion, choose to disqualify that team for that season, or may even choose to revoke that team’s membership in the organization for a time period of their choice. In tournaments managed and produced by the SKA, the SKA Angling, Membership, Code of Conduct, Tournament, Professional Kingfish Tour, and Mercury Tournament Trail Division Rules shall apply at all times. Tournament protests must be made within 30 minutes after the last fish is weighed in, and must be accompanied by a $500 cash deposit. If the protest is upheld, the deposit will be returned, otherwise, the deposit becomes property of the tournament or SKA. The decision to uphold or deny the protest will be made within 30 minutes after the protest, and any and all decisions will be final. SKA tournament participants agree that by entering a tournament, all rule protests and management decisions are final within the time frame allowed by the SKA / Tournament rules and not subject to any further interpretation and/or litigation.

  25. SKA reserves the right to administer polygraph testing to any teams or team members participating in sanctioned events.

  26. SKA tournament participants agree that by entering a tournament, all rule protests and management decisions are final within the time frame allowed by the SKA/Tournament rules and not subject to any further interpretation and/or litigation.

  27. Crew Members for the Mercury Pro Tour Events, must be a registered SKA Competition Member and designated to only one Pro Captain vessel.

Rev. 01/15

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