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If you do not have your Tournament Information Form, download by clicking the image below.

Submit Tournament Schedule Changes

Memo to:SKA Tournament Directors

Go to the SKA Schedule and check all information regarding your tournament for accuracy. (You can click on DIV 1, DIV 2, DIV 3, etc. to snap to your respective division.) It is your responsibility to use the form above to submit changes. Or, you may fax changes to 941/360-6888. We cannot accept changes verbally.

Each sanctioned tournament is entitled to one full page advertisement in Angler magazine. It is your responsibility to submit the ad on time. If you need SKA to design the ad for you, your input is due on the first of the month with the insertion order. For Mechanical Specifications go to Angler Magazine Specifications

Due Dates:

If your tournament is in: Recommended ad placement in this issue: Insertion order due: Ad materials due:
January November October 1 October 10
February November October 1 October 10
March February January 3 December 1
April March February 1 February 10
May April March 1 March 10
June May April 1 April 10
July June May 1 May 10
August July June 1 June 10
September August July 1 July 10
October September August 1 August 10
November October September 1 September 10

If you miss a deadline for the Recommended Ad Placement, then submit your ad for the next issue. Angler is scheduled to mail on about the 27th of each month from Tampa, Florida. It takes longer to hit mailboxes in North and South Carolina, so estimate that the March issue will arrive on March 3rd. You have to give fishermen time to plan and prepare to fish your tournament. Unless your tournament takes place after the 18th of the month, it is not recommended to place your ad in the same month as the date of the tournament.

If you have more questions, please e-mail the publishing director at

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